Fastener Size Charts: Bolt, Nut, Washer & Screw Guides

We’re excited to eliminate the head-scratching with our new specialty offering here at — comprehensive fastener size charts! These detailed measurement guides serve as critical references for matching all specifications of nuts, bolts, screws, washers, and more that your project requires.

Our fastener size charts provide the precise diameters, lengths, thread counts, and dimensions you need to select parts that fit perfectly. No more surprises on slip fits, mismatches, or incorrect strengths that set progress back. Just confidence in components suited for the job when you reference our charts while sourcing.

Why Fastener Size Charts Matter

For any project involving nuts, bolts, screws, washers, and more, our detailed sizing guides provide the critical measurements you require to select the proper fastening components every time. There are no surprises on fit, length, threading, strength, or wrong items that set progress back. Just precision selection and perfect matching parts when you reference our handy charts during part sourcing.

Now Available – Nuts and Washers Sizing

We’ve published the first installment of nuts and washers with exact measurements that many DIYers and pros find confusing into easily referenced size chart form:

Nuts – Core specifications provided across several popular types like hex, flange, cap nuts with additional varieties to come.


Consider these Volume 1 sizing charts – robust offerings to start that we look forward to expanding with more niche nuts, bolts, screws in the near future. Still the critical benchmark data you require without overwhelming all at once!

More Fastener Size Charts Coming Soon

Nuts and washers are just the beginning! Still to come – screw and bolt measurement guides, thread count charts and more handy resources. Email suggestions or post a comment below of any specialty fastener fitment info you’d find useful!

Let Us Take the Hassle Out of Your Next Project!

Hopefully our commitment to eliminating size confusion and guesswork by providing critical fastener dimensions is on full display with these initial nut and washer sizing charts. Please let us know any other product measurement resources that would be helpful via the comments or contacting our team! We want these guides customizable to your needs as much as possible.