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Our tamper proof screws, also called security screws or one-way screws, are specially engineered fasteners designed to prevent tampering. The unique drive styles require matched driver bits, rendering regular tools ineffective.

Tamperproof screws, also called security screws, are special fasteners that stop unauthorized access and tampering. These screws need special tools to install and remove because of their unique drive systems. Hard to use them without the right driver bits, which we also sell!

The anti-tamper screws for sale at provide maximum security and protection against potential meddling and theft. Protect your valuables and assets by ordering security screws online from our website for the necessary protection.

Types of tamper proof screws:

Spanner tamper proof Screw Spanner (Snake Eye) Tamper Proof Screws:

are perfect for gutters, license plates, grills, outdoor signs, and food prep areas. They provide strong tamper resistance, making them suitable for various applications. They are ideal for use in areas where security is a top priority.

These screws offer reliable protection against tampering and unauthorized access. They are a versatile solution for enhancing security measures in different settings. You need a special tool to install or remove them, making regular tools useless. The unconventional snake eye shape provides unparalleled tamper proofing security.

Torx Tamper Proof Screws Torx (6 Lobe with Pin) Tamper Proof Screws: Our Torx screws combine the popular 6-point star drive pattern with a central retaining pin for extreme tamper proofing. The pin prevents standard Torx bits from engaging the screw head, deterring potential tampering and theft attempts. Only specialized Torx bits with a hole to accommodate the pin can operate these screws. A press fit, adhesive, or swaging process securely holds the pins in place for easy installation and strength.
One Way Tamper Proof Screws One Way Tamper Proof Screws: Our one-way screws employ a standard, slotted drive on the screw head that is engineered for easy installation with a regular flat head screwdriver. The special drive system makes it difficult to unscrew or remove these screws. This is because the angles and ramps resist the driver bit. You typically need specialized removal tools with retractable pins to successfully back out one-way screws.
Socket Set Tamper Proof Screws Hex Socket With Pin Tamper Proof Screws: The hex socket anti-tamper style features a standard hex socket drive, but with a retaining pin planted firmly in the center. This pin renders regular hex bits or Allen wrenches completely ineffective at gripping or turning the screw head. Taking out screws with a special security feature needs a hex wrench with a hole made for the pin.
Tamper Proof Tri Groove Nut Tri-Groove Tamper Proof Nuts: Our Tri-Groove security nuts feature a tapered design with specialized indentations that require a matched Tri-Groove socket tool to grip and install. The unique patterning makes these nuts impervious to standard gripping tools and ensures precision installation for optimal tamper resistance.
Break Away Tamper Proof Nuts Break Away Shear Nuts: Our Break Away Shear Nuts enable permanent, tamper-proof installation ideal for security applications. Also called shear nuts, they consist of a cone, nut, and predefined break point. When tightened, the hex nut shears off, leaving only the permanently secured cone. The unique single-use design provides robust tamper proofing where needed.
Tamper Proof Bits Tamper Proof Bits:

With our tamper proof screws, specialized Tamper Proof Bits are essential for proper installation and removal. These bits securely grip the unique drives like Spanner, Torx, and Hex Socket to prevent cam-out and stripping.

These bits are designed to fit your tamper-resistant screw heads perfectly. Purchase matching tamper-proof bits for proper installation. Screws come in self-tapping or threaded options for pre-drilled holes.

Made of 304 and 410 stainless steel for strength, hardness, and corrosion resistance. Available with button head, pan head and countersunk styles with A2 stainless steel finish. Ideal replacements for standard screws when security is critical.

Applications for Tamperproof Fasteners

Our anti-tamper screws provide protection against tampering, vandalism and theft for:

  • Automotive parts like batteries, wheels and stereos
  • Securing electronics like circuit boards and enclosures
  • Infrastructure access panels, cell towers, radars, junction boxes
  • Traffic signals, parking signs and other outdoor signage
  • Tamper proof screws also help manufacturers restrict access to products. Prevent safety issues or require professional servicing. Useful for devices prone to disassembly damage or electric shock risks.

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Tamper Proof Security Screws FAQ

What are tamper proof screws?

Tamper proof screws have special screw heads that require special tools to install and remove. These screws also go by the names security screws or one-way screws. The unique design of the screw heads prevents tampering with them easily.

You need special tools to securely fasten the screws and prevent unauthorized removal. This prevents unauthorized access from ordinary screwdrivers.

What drives are available?

Common tamper proof drives include Torx pin, Spanner, One Way, and socket pin styles. We carry matched tamper proof bits to go with our screws.

How do Tamper Proof Security Screws increase security?

The unique drives deter tampering and theft. Without the right tool, it is difficult to operate or remove the screws, which provides vandal resistance.

Where should I use tamper proof fasteners?

Anywhere needing protection against unauthorized access or theft/vandalism. Ideal for automobiles, signs, infrastructure, electronics and securing manufacturer product enclosures.

What materials are tamperproof screws made of?

Our screws are high-grade stainless steel for strength and corrosion protection. Materials include type 304, 410, 18-8 grades to endure harsh conditions.

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