Hardware Pins - Cotter Pins & Dowel Pins

At AlbanyCountyFasteners.com, we offer a comprehensive range of hardware pins to meet your needs. Our selection includes popular options like dowel pins and cotter pins, as well as other essential fastening solutions. Our hardware pins are perfect for DIY projects or industrial applications, offering the strength, durability, and precision you need.

Dowel Pins

Strong Connections for Woodworking and Furniture

Dowel pins are a go-to choice for woodworkers and furniture makers. These simple cylindrical pins create strong, reliable joints between pieces of wood. Just insert them into pre-drilled holes to align and secure your project parts.

We offer dowel pins in different sizes and materials, including strong options like stainless steel. This means you can find the perfect pins for any project, large or small. From home workshops to professional settings, our dowel pins help you build projects that last.

Look only as far as our high-quality dowel pins for a reliable fastening solution. We carefully source our pins to provide you with the best possible performance. Shop our selection today and discover the difference precision and strength can make in your woodworking and furniture projects!

Cotter Pins

Automotive and Machinery Applications

Cotter pins are essential fasteners commonly used in automotive and machinery applications. These pins secure various components in place, preventing them from coming loose or falling apart. Cotter pins are a dependable and long-lasting fastening solution for working on car engines or heavy machinery.

We offer a wide range of cotter pins in different sizes and materials to suit your specific needs. Our strong cotter pins handle heavy loads and vibrations, keeping your equipment safe and secure.

Versatile Hardware Pins

We Have the Right Pin for You

At AlbanyCountyFasteners.com, we stock a wide range of hardware pins to meet your needs. Our selection includes essential pins like dowel pins and cotter pins.

We're expanding our pin collection to serve you better. Our team is ready to help you find the perfect pin for your project. We are knowledgeable and experienced in home improvements, crafts, and general repairs.

Why choose AlbanyCountyFasteners.com? It's simple:

  • Extensive product selection
  • Competitive prices
  • Exceptional customer service

Experience the difference for yourself. Shop our high-quality hardware pins today and discover the value and convenience we offer. With AlbanyCountyFasteners.com, you'll find the right pin for every job, every time.

Hardware Cotter and Dowel Pin FAQ

What is a dowel pin?

A dowel pin is a cylindrical pin made from metal, plastic, or wood, used by woodworkers, furniture assemblers, and machinery operators to align and secure components. Insert these pins into pre-drilled holes to create a strong, precise connection between two or more parts.

What is a cotter pin?

A cotter pin, also known as a split pin, is a type of fastener with two tines that are bent to secure bolts, pins, and other fasteners. They are designed for easy insertion and removal, making them ideal for tasks that require frequent adjustments or repairs.

What are the differences between a dowel pin and a cotter pin?

Dowel pins and cotter pins serve different purposes in fastening applications. Dowel pins are used to align and secure components in a fixed position, creating a rigid connection, while cotter pins hold fasteners in place and allow for quick installation and removal, ideal for applications requiring regular maintenance or adjustments.

What are the most common applications for dowel pins?

Woodworkers, furniture assemblers, and cabinet makers commonly use dowel pins to align and secure components, providing a strong, precise fit. They are available in various sizes and materials to suit different projects.

Can we use cotter pins in automotive applications?

Yes, cotter pins are often used in automotive applications to secure bolts, pins, and other fasteners. They feature easy and fast installation and materials that resist corrosion, making them ideal for various automotive settings.

What other types of hardware pins are available at AlbanyCountyFasteners.com?

We are adding more types of hardware pins to our collection, such as clevis pins and hitch pins. Our knowledgeable staff can help you find the perfect pin for your needs, whether for home improvement, crafts, or general repairs. If you don't see a pin you need, contact our sales team!

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