Norseman Drill Bits and Cutting Tools

Norseman Drill Bits & Cutting Tools


Cutting-Edge Top Quality Cutting Tools Made in the USA

Here at Albany County Fasteners we are proud to announce our new line of Norseman CTD Manufactured Drill Bits and Cutting Tools to help with the installation of the Norseman Drill Bitfasteners that we are known for. As an authorized Norseman Distributor, we are the first to hear about exciting and innovative new products from Norseman, and pass the information on to our great customers! We are a proud distributor of Norseman cutting tools including drill bits, taps, hole cutters, bolt extractors and more!

Magnum Super Premium Drill Bits

The majority of Norseman Drill Bits that we offer are jobber length, and are Magnum Super Premium tool steel. Norseman Magnum Drills are engineered to have a substantially longer cutting life than standard high speed steel or cobalt drill bits. Magnum drills are nitro-carburized flute for an increased Rockwell Hardness, as well as being specifically designed to cut through harder metals. The split point design of the drill tip is flatter than standard, which makes a smaller chip into the metal that is being drilled into. This means that more of the drill’s torque is being applied into a smaller area which allows drilling into metals over 30 Rockwell C. Magnum drill bits feature a 135 degree point which stops drill walking, as well as allowing the drill to run cooler and use less torque. The point makes less heat, and the bits themselves are treated to reduce friction.

Drill Bits

In addition to the Magnum Bits, Norseman is also developing new bits with state of the art features including cryogenic frozen bits which are treated this way for maximum hardness and sharpness, as well as combination drill and taps in one bit and more. Norseman bits are generally available in sets (however they do also come as singles), with various convenient features including carrying cases, matching taps, and left hand drills for bolt extraction. Overall, we are happy to both stock these innovative bits, as well as use them in our own reviews, videos and shop. Check Out the Norseman CTD line Today

Product Spotlight: Combination Tap and Drill Bits

We LOVE these bits. They are easy to use and they are great time-savers. They drill and tap a hole at the same time which turns two steps into one (obviously a great time saver!). Picture installing a Piano Hinge for metal doors or other metal work. Each hinge can be feet long with a number of holes. By combining the bit, Norseman has cut the time for this job in half. Check out our review and demonstration below and check out these bits today!

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