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Norseman CTD Drill Bit Sets & Cutting Tools
Premium Quality Cutting Tools - Proudly Made in the USA
Norseman Drill Bits

Norseman Drill Bits Norseman Drill Bits Norseman Drill Bits
Norseman Burrout Brad Point Drill Bits for Wood Norseman Viking Magnum 29-Piece Drill Bit Set Orange Ultra Dex Cryogenic Drill Bits
Norseman Viking Magnum 29-Piece Drill Bit Set Black Ultradex-Set 44170 Fastenal 0323441 10-Piece-Norseman-Super-Premium-Magnum-Bolt-Screw-Extractor-Set-58510 Norseman-Viking-3-Piece-Ultra-Bit-Step-Drill-Set-Titanium-Nitride-TiN
18-Piece-Norseman-Super-Premium-Magnum-Tap-And-Drill-Set-18-Piece-57580 Combo Tap and Drill Bit Set Norseman-Viking-4-Piece-Carbide-Tipped-Hole-Cutter-Set
Norseman-Viking-8-Piece-Hole-Hog-Core-Drills-Black-Gold-Set Norseman Car Reamer Set Norseman Ultra Cutting Tool Drill Bit Lubricant

Norseman Drill Bits and Cutting Tools

Albany County Fasteners proudly carries USA Made Domestic Drill Bits and Cutting Tools as a Norseman CTD Authorized Distributor. High quality tools and affordably priced sets including Drill Bits, Car Reamers, Bolt Extractors, Taps, Dies and more that get the job done for years and years to come.

Printable Drill Bit Sizing Conversion Chart

Norseman Drill Bit Sets

Norseman Drill Bit Sets are the perfect one stop solution for a complete twist drill package. Packaged in a convenient, patented ultra-tough Ultradex that is easy to see and find. Easy to carry around with durable, long lasting, water resistant packaging (we even dropped one in water and another on concrete just to make sure!). A clip is built into the ultradex so that it may be attached to a belt, making these sets a highly portable complete drilling solution.

Norseman CTD Drill Bit sets come in different varieties all with their own distinct premium features. All Bit Sets sold by Albany County Fasteners are Magnum Super Premium grade, or CN Tech Cryogenic Nitrided which makes them the finest cutting tools available for most drilling applications.

Norseman Bolt Extractors

Made in the USA by Norseman CTD (Viking), this 10 Piece Bolt Extractor Left Hand Drill Set is high quality and convenient. Using the left hand drills often eliminates the need to use the extractor, but the extractor is included if needed. First, use the left hand drill to loosen the bolt stud while also drilling a hole to insert the extractor. The stud may loosen and be extracted with the left hand drill, if it is not, proceed to use the extractor to remove the stud. Packaged in a sturdy, heavy duty metal carrying case.

Norseman Step Drills

Norseman's Ultra Bit Multi Diameter Step Drill Set is built for a superior drilling performance. Step Drills like these are used for applications that require multiple hole sizes on the same material, but without the need for multiple separate drill bits and having to change the bit after each hole is created. Step drills allow you to quickly and easily drill many holes to the same or different sizes all without having to change the bit, saving you time and money.

Norseman Drill and Tap Sets

Proudly made in the USA by Norseman CTD (Viking). Drill and Tap sest saves time, money and effort! Time is money. By matching the tap with the appropriate drill bit, Norseman has cut out the guess work. Now you do not need a drill chart, and you won't need to worry if you have the right drill or tap on hand.

Norseman Drill and Tap Combo Bits

Drill once and get the job done. These high quality, high speed steel combo bits drill the hole and tap the threads in a single drill. The self-centering split point provides excellent drilling precision and accuracy. The seven most popular screw sizes are included from 8-32 to 1/4-20 to 1/2-13.

Norseman Carbide Hole Cutter Set

Norseman's Hole Cutter Set is built for superior drilling performance with its ultra hard tungsten carbide teeth and built-in pilot drill and ejector spring. Hole cutters are used to cut clean, perfectly round, holes in thin materials (up to 3/16" thick). The hole cutter design provides clean, crisp cuts without burrs and prevents over penetration. Cuts 3 times faster than bi-metal hole saws, producing overlapping and interrupted holes easily.

Norseman Hole Hog Core Drills

Norseman's Hole Hog Core Drills Set is built for superior drilling performance and comes with companion pilot drills for each corresponding core drill. Hole Hog core drills are used primarily to enlarge existing holes, but can also be used for cutting large diameter holes in thin materials. Hole Hogs can replace tapered reamers in many applications where a significant amount of material must be removed or a particular size hole is required. The 4 flute design of the Hole Hog eliminates the catching and hogging-in experienced with standard drills when breaking through thinner materials.

Norseman Car Reamers

Super Premium Car Reamer Sets are built for exceptional drilling performance. Car Reamers are primarily used to enlarge previously formed or drilled holes. They have also been known to fix misaligned holes and got their name for doing just that for repairing railroad cars. Designed for use with structural steel plates commonly found in truck frames, rail cars, bridges, and pressure vessels. All reamers in this set are constructed with left-hand spiral and right-hand cut. The left-hand spiral eliminates the tendency of the reamer to pull itself into the holes.

Norseman Drill and Cutting Tool Lubricant

Ensure Maximum Performance for All Norseman Drill Bits & Cutting Tools

Designed for use with drills, taps, reamers, and more, Norseman Ultra Super Premium Metal Cutting Drill Bit Lubricant is one of the best drill lubricants on the market. A simple application of the super concentrated, high viscosity, no-run formula from the convenient squeeze bottle makes drilling easier and protects drill bits to extend their life and prevent breakage or snapping. Less mess! This formula is virtually smoke free even in the most heat prone of applications. We recommend using drill bit lube or metal cutting lubricant on every bit and cutting application.