Why Stainless Steel Hardware is Worth the Upfront Investment


Upfront Deal or Longterm (Stainless) Steel?

So you opted to save a few bucks and bought those “value pack” zinc-plated widgets off the big box store shelf for your latest backyard build. It makes sense—opting for basic zinc or chrome-plated hardware over pricier stainless steel fasteners just for some screws and bolts can seem excessive.

But now, only 6 months later…yikes. Those bargain fasteners are corroding quicker than your New Year’s gym resolution, flaking worse than cheap chrome rims on an old beater car. Your once gorgeous new deck looks sad and unkempt—the low-grade hardware hopelessly surrendering to harsh weathering.

Meanwhile, your smug neighbor’s dock built with premium grade 316 stainless steel hardware still looks ship-shaped. (Jealous glare happens here).

Before you rip it all down in a rage, let’s examine why investing in resilient stainless steel fastening components from the start could have saved your DIY spirit grief…

Built to Withstand the Elements

304 stainless steel Bracket 550x323 with 316 stainless steel nuts and bolts
Used within close proximity to the beach, a 304 Stainless steel bracket which has started to rust. The nuts & bolts are 316 Stainless Steel & are withstanding the elements.


Grade 316 stainless steel contains molybdenum for enhanced protection against corrosion including low pH environments. Salt spray testing shows it resists over 1,000 hours of exposure with no issues – 3X+ longer than zinc-coated or chrome fasteners.

Uniform Beauty That Lasts

Quality stainless steel hardware’s brushed metal finish maintains its sleek look year after year. AlbanyCountyFasteners.com’s 304 stainless steel carriage bolts beautifully accent your projects inside and out.


Spend More Upfront, Less Later

Believe it or not, premium grade stainless fasteners often pay for themselves overtime. Considering a minimum 3-5X greater lifespan over zinc or other metals susceptible to corrosion, moisture and UV damage, stainless steel hardware offers excellent reusable value in future projects. Less waste, less replacement buys.

We Offer Optimal Stainless Steel Hardware Grades

Cooler, wet climates prone to rain-induced rust see excellent performance benefits choosing grade 304 stainless over bare metals. Whereas hot, saline coastal areas beat corrosion through grade 316 stainless steel hardware selections containing molybdenum and higher nickel content.

Invest Where it Counts, Choose Stainless Steel Hardware That Lasts

If part of your newly built deck gives out, injuries or worse could result. When safety’s key, “value pack” screws from the hardware store just don’t cut it over years of harsh weather. Upgrading to stainless steel hardware specially-designed to resist rusting and rot gives family sturdy peace of mind.

Your neighbor’s decades-old pergola still looks pristine thanks to its corrosion-resistant stainless steel bolts outlasting cheap chrome fasteners that crumbled quicker than your last diet. Its secret? The removable rustproof stainless fastener touches allowing easy future inspections or part swaps if anything ever starts looking worn again in 20 more years.

For structures where failure threatens disaster, lean on bulletproof stainless steel solutions. We get “better safe than sorry” – your household deserves sturdy, carefree living too. Ask us how to protect what matters most by starting with the right foundations that last.

Stainless for the Future

At the end of the day, stainless steel screws, bolts, and fasteners stand the test of time where cheap hardware rusts. They look great and hold up for decades even with rough weather because stainless doesn’t corrode easily. It costs more upfront to get good stainless pieces compared to stuff from the corner shop. But those cheaper parts break down quicker and need replacing again and again over the years. That can get real expensive, especially if something fails and folks get hurt. Stainless hardware keeps on going strong so you don’t worry about problems down the road. For important stuff expected to last decades without a lot of fuss, stainless steel fits the bill. Let customer service at AlbanyCountyFasteners.com know if you need recommendations choosing durable stainless fasteners on your next project. The extra money tends to be worth it!