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Top 12 Tools Everyone Should Own

Top 12 Tools Everyone Should OwnTop 12 Tools Everyone Should Own

It’s a common question in our industry. “What are the top tools everyone should own?” We sat down with one of our fastener experts (who has years of construction experience) to ask him what his top 10 tools were. Unfortunately, he couldn’t get decide on only ten tools, but he was finally able to decide on his top 12 tools everyone should own.

12. Channel Locks

Our fastener expert chose channel lock pliers as one of his top twelve tools. These pliers are an adjustable set of pliers used for pinching and grabbing. They can be used on many applications are provide one tool to get multiple jobs accomplished.

11. Circular Saw

Circular saws are one of the more versatile saws available. Due to its convenient size and multiple uses, this saw made our fastener expert’s list. Many saws are great at what they do but they are often cumbersome and can only perform one type of cut. Circular saws make our fastener experts list for their portable and versatile functionality.

10. Ratchet Set

Ratchet Set (imperial and metric) – Ratchet sets are excellent tools for quickly installing bolts and nuts. In fact, it beats the wrench for us due to its ease and efficiency. Bob told us that when installing multiple bolts quickly a ratchet set is the way to go. We cheated a little here because Bob told us to make sure we had both an imperial and a metric set.

9. Center Punch

A center punch creates an indent in a material by using a sharp point and “punching” it. Too often you will try to drill into metal and find that the bit will not have anything to center on. This can cause frustration for the user and damage the material’s finish. To counteract this, using a punch will give the bit something to center on which reduces the chance of it walking during the drilling process.

8. Drill Bit Set

Bob recommends a size range of drill bits. A drill bit set, rated for the material you run into most, with secondary options for other materials is a good choice (although its likely you will need a wood and a metal set). Without drill bits, there would be no holes for your screws and bolts to secure materials together and build something amazing. As a tip, Bob also recommends cleaning off your bits after use and properly storing them to extend their life.

7. Cordless Drill

A cordless drill is a must have these days. Before installing most screws, a hole should be drilled. Before installing bolts, a hole needs to be drilled. Once, your hole is drilled, the screw needs to be driven. Most cordless drills also offer attachments for driver bits. This means you can drill and drive all from one tool for maximum efficiency.

6. Level

What good is hanging a new picture or putting up a new shelf if they look bad? A level is the tool used to make sure what you have, or install is perfectly well, level. Picture frames will look out-of-place if they are not level. A pool table will skew the results of a shot. You may even find things falling off your shelves! Whatever project you’re working on, make sure its level WITH your level.

5. Hammer

The Hammer, a brute tool that can take a surprising amount of accuracy and care to use (unless you enjoy smacking you fingers). A hammer with claw is probably the most common type of hammer and it is used to both drive and remove nails.

4. Tape Measure

This one is simple; the tape measure is used in all measuring applications. From determining the size of a room, to finding screw length. A tape measure is a must have for anyone in the professional industry or the DIY-er who wants to get into their own projects.

3. Screwdrivers (Phillips and Slotted)

Again, we know we are cheating a little here but when it comes to screwdrivers, you’d better have both. Screwdrivers are used virtually everywhere from furniture to your car. In fact, you would be hard pressed to find a device that doesn’t have at least one screw in it. Although Torx and square drive screws are becoming more popular, the overwhelming number of devices today have either a Phillips or a slotted drive. While we recommend having each kind, you can get away with a quality set like this: Vega 53 piece insert bit and driver set.

2. Vice Grips

Our fastener expert’s number two tool was his pair of vice-grips. Vice grips are a tool that can be utilized in many applications as well. They work by adjusting the clasping claws on the head of the grips. Once adjusted, attach to the fastener in question and squeeze. The device will lock in place creating a secure hold on the fastener. This allows for a much better grip than many tools will offer if the primary gripping point is damaged. For example, when a bolt begins to strip, a pair of vice grips can be sized and get a better grip on the bolt than a wrench making it removable (just make sure to get a new bolt!).

1. Step Stool

Bob’s top tool was a stepladder which took everyone by surprise. Step Stools are essentially just short ladders. Bob explained to us how often he would be doing an installation and needed to reach as far as he could to attempt to drill or place a screw above his head. Utilizing a step stool will not only make the job significantly less tiring by removing much of the strain on your shoulders, it also allows you to place the proper pressure on a drill/driver to ensure for proper installation.

Now that you know the Top 12 Tools everyone should own, it’s time to go start working on your own projects!

Top 12 Best Tools Everyone Needs On The Job

Top 12 Best Tools
Top 12 Tools Transcript

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Bob: So I had my top 12 list of tools here and I just want to go over and show you what I have, that I’m constantly using anytime I’m doing my projects.

25 Foot tape measure – Must have.

My number one tool though is this step stool. Used in many applications you got to have that.

Vise-grips – Must-have in your tool chest.

Adjustable wrench – great for plumbing projects.

Must have. A hammer. Probably 90% of the projects that you’ll do around your house, you’re gonna need a hammer.

Screwdrivers – flathead and a Phillips head – those are two most important.

I have a ratchet set – good to have a ratchet set that fits Imperial and metric.

A punch – This is self engaging punch. Spring activated, must-have tool and to go with that, a full set of drill bits for metal or for wood.

Cordless drill. Used in 90% of the projects that I do.

Level – Gotta have a level. Most important tool around. You always have to install things that need a level: pictures, bookcases, desks. Always need a level.

And of course my last one which is my circular saw. Used all the time.

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