Fasten Meaning?

Fasten Meaning

Fasteners are used in almost every application you can think of. From the tallest building in New York City to the smart phone in your pocket. Everything is held together with fasteners and that begs the question: “What does fastening mean?”

Well luckily the answer is quite simple. Fastening means to close, lock, hold or secure something. You can fasten your shoe laces. Fasten a seat belt, even fasten a watch. From an industry standpoint, all of these items that are used to hold materials together have become known as fasteners.

What Are Fasteners?

Fasteners are tools designed to behave a certain way in a material making them the ideal tool for the job. Wood screws are used to hold two pieces of wood together, Tapcon screws can cut their own threads into concrete, and sheet metal screws have sharp cutting threads that slice through thin metal with ease.

Who Uses Fasteners?

Each of these fasteners serves a specific purpose and is designed to do one thing very well. Fasten materials together. From the person who is using a screwdriver to change their remote batteries to the industrial construction crew building skyscrapers, we all come into contact with fasteners in our daily lives. Everyone uses fasteners and each has a purpose. To better understand how fasteners work and their individual purposes please check out our Fasteners 101 content pages designed specifically to help educate you on the tools you need before working on a project.

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