What Does Anti-Seize Do?

What Does Anti-Seize Do?

Why Should You Lubricate Your Fasteners?

Fasteners are amazing holding tools used to secure materials together. They do (just like anything else) have limitations that can affect their performance. This is why you should lubricate fasteners.

The Installation Process

Fasteners in certain materials, a good example being stainless steel, have an oxide or coating covering the fastener. When you begin tightening the nut to a bolt, pressure builds along the threads. If not seated properly, tightened too quickly or even if the threads are just not perfect, there is a chance that this added pressure will shear the threads and cause imperfections. The result is that both the bolt and nut will be stuck together. In extreme cases, the metals can actually fuse together which is know as cold welding. Both of these symptoms fall under the category of thread galling.

The (MRO) Solution

 Anti Seize used to Lubricate Fasteners

So now we know what can happen if we don’t lubricate fasteners but what do we do now? Find a great lubricant! MRO Anti-seize solutions offer a great way to limit these effects. Anti-seize is simply a specially designed lubricant that minimizes friction on fasteners which in turn will help prevent the building pressure from shearing the threads. It can also make normal installations of any material much smoother. Anti-seize solutions can also provide a very light coating of protection until it has worn off. This can help maximize the life of your fasteners.


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