Benefits Of Using Aluminum



Benefits of Using Aluminum

Aluminum is an extremely popular material for many fastener assemblies. However, even with all of its benefits, many people don’t know about the big benefits that make it a must have for many projects.

Strong Weight to Strength Ratio

Aluminum Fasteners are recommended in applications where light weight matters. Boasting a weight of 1/3 that of mild steel, it has the best strength to weight ratio of all common metals. This makes it particularly desirable in applications where the weight needs to be kept to a minimum.


Another benefit of aluminum being light is that it will push down transportation costs making it cheaper than other materials. Apart from Aluminum being cheaper to ship, it is also most abundant metal making it relatively cheap compared to other materials less readily available.


Aluminum is both Corrosion resistant and easy to clean making it a must have for sterile environments. The low maintenance level can also save the user money over time.


Aluminum has many qualities that make it a popular choice among the different materials available. It’s no real question that it can be one of the most versatile materials available. Aluminum is strong, lightweight, cost effective, non-magnetic, easy to maintain and even looks great when polished. We do recommend using aluminum with stainless steel as galvanic corrosion is likely to occur.  Of course, you still need to make sure the material you choose is optimal for your application.

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