Jobber Vs. Mechanics Drill Bits: The Difference Between Drill Bits

What Is The Difference Between A Jobber and Mechanic Drill Bit?

Jobber drill bits? Mechanics Drill bits? I JUST WANT TO DRILL A HOLE!!

Have you even felt frustrated at how much you have to learn to do something as simple as drill a hole? We feel the same way; that’s why we here at Albany County Fasteners have taken some time today to help you understand the difference between a jobber length and mechanics’ length drill bit so you can be sure to choose the right tool for your job.

Jobber Drill Bits

A jobber drill bit is a bit that has a long length compared to its diameter. Jobbers have a length anywhere from 8-12 or 9-14 (depending on who you ask) times the diameter. These bits can be measured using a number of different systems including a basic number range (1-80), letters (A-Z), wire (increase by whole number), standard metric sizing or in fractional sizes.

As far as fractional sizes are concerned, there are three different size increments used to measure jobber bits:

  • 1/64 inch to 1 inch
  • 1/16 inch to 3 inches
  • 1/8 inch to 3 1/4 inches

Mechanics Drill Bits

The correct terminology is actually a mechanics length drill bit. A “mechanics drill bit” is actually a jobber drill bit. Did you get the joke?

A mechanics length drill bit is simply a bit with a shorter flute length and shorter overall length than a standard jobber bit. This shortening of the bit makes it considerably stronger and less prone to breakage and shearing, making it suitable for harder drilling.

When To Use Each…THE ANSWER!

Determining if you should use a jobber bit vs a mechanics length (jobber) bit, is actually quite simple. A regular jobber bit is best used in softer materials such as wood, composite, and soft metals. For harder materials and hard metal drilling, a mechanics length drill bit is recommended as they are a stronger bit.  Jobber length drill bits are the most common and popular type of drill bits.

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