3/8" FrameGrip T-40 Star Drive Structural Screws

3/8" FrameGrip T-40 Star Drive Structural Screws

3/8" FrameGrip T-40 Star Drive Structural Screws

  • Lag screw alternative for exterior wood construction
  • T-40 star drive head reduces cam-out for slip-free driving
  • Type 17 point eliminates need for pre-drilling pilot holes
  • U threading increases draw strength and reduces wood splitting
  • Saw thread design for quick and easy installation
  • ICC ESR 4504 Approved
Technical Data

The 3/8" FrameGrip T-40 Star Drive Structural Screws from Levi's Building Components are an excellent lag screw alternative for load-bearing exterior wood construction projects. These versatile screws offer speed, longevity, and versatility, making them ideal for decking, gazebos, playground structures, pergolas, trusses, and more.

With a T-40 star drive head, these screws reduce cam-out for slip-free driving, while the type 17 point eliminates the need for pre-drilling pilot holes, saving time on the jobsite. The innovative U threading increases draw strength, pulling the materials tighter together and reducing the risk of wood splitting. Additionally, the saw thread design ensures quick and easy installation.

Approved under ICC ESR 4504, the 3/8" FrameGrip t-40 star drive washer head coarse thread type 17 point structural screws are a reliable and efficient choice for your exterior wood construction needs.

The star drive low profile washer head structural wood screws feature a coarse thread type 17 point design, allowing for easy, quicker penetration into wood without the need for pre-drilling. The T-40 star drive washer head provides a large bearing area and reduces cam-out during installation, ensuring a secure and slip-free connection.

With a low-profile washer head design, these structural wood screws sit flush against the surface, creating a clean and polished finish. The star drive recess offers superior driving power and minimizes stripping, making installation a breeze.

Designed as a high-strength alternative to traditional lag screws, the 3/8" FrameGrip lag screw alternative exterior wood screws are purpose-built for exterior wood construction applications. Their innovative design and advanced features make them an ideal choice for decking, gazebos, pergolas, and other outdoor structures.

Available Sizes:

  • 3/8" x 8"

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T40 FrameGrip Structural Screw - 3/8" x 8"
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T40 FrameGrip Structural Screw - 3/8" x 8"
SKU #1252-004-0002
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Product Specifications
Drive Style
Carbon Steel
Point Type
Type 17
Product Type
Structural Screws
System of Measurement (Unit)
Thread Direction
Right Hand
Thread Type
Tolerance (IFI)
Actual measurements may vary slightly +/- depending on production run within IFI Tolerances