How To Strip Wires Fast And Easy

How To Strip Wires Fast And Easy

*Disclaimer: Before we begin discussing how to strip wire the fast and easy way, we should note that using fire is dangerous and many types of wire have multiple layers of insulation that may make this method ineffective. For example, coaxial cable (commonly used for T.V. signal) has several layers that will prevent this method from working. using a lighter to heat up the insulation around a copper wire

Stripping copper wire can be a pain sometimes with standard wire stripping tools. A wire stripper is a tool with different gauges and blades designed to remove the insulation from wire. These tools are great for electricians and hobbyists alike but sometimes they can be problematic or forgotten.

Wire Strippers

Wire strippers are a great tool for electricians that use these tools every day but they have a couple caveats that can make them less than desirable. First is actually needing them. Many DIYers will go out and buy tools to complete tasks but then never need the tool again. A wire stripper is one of those tools where you may use it and then put it away for months at a time or worse they might lose it when they need it again and have to go buy a new one.

Wire strippers also tend to cut too far into the insulation and create a very small nick in the wire. If the copper portion of the wire is nicked and compromised it is likely it will simply break off and you will have to start over.

An Easier Solution: Use A Lighter

A much easier solution to strip wire quickly and easily is to use a lighter. To use a lighter to strip copper wire simple hold the wire a couple of inches back from the end, run the flame along the wire for a couple of seconds and then, before it has time to cool down, pinch the insulation and pull. The insulation around the wire will stretch and break resulting in a cleanly stripped copper wire ready for use. Make sure you pull and release the insulation quickly or wear gloves when doing this as the wire heats up very quickly and may burn the tips of your finger during the pinch and removal process.

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