#12-24 Metalgrip��� Galvanized T4 Self Driller Point Stitch Screw without Washer - Ivory

#12-24 Metalgrip™ Mechanical Galvanized Roofing Stitch Screws

Ivory Self Driller Point T4 Screws without Washer

#12-24 Metalgrip™ Galvanized T4 Self Driller Point Stitch Screw without Washer - Ideal for Metal to Metal Applications

  • Self-drilling design and T4 stitch screw point, making the process quick and efficient.
  • Secure metal to metal purlins up to 0.5" steel thickness with #4 self-drilling point
  • Mechanical galvanized coating provides superior corrosion resistance
  • Hex head with ivory painted finish offers a clean, low-profile appearance
  • Perfect for attaching roofing panels, metal decking, and metal building components
Technical Data

Our #12-24 Metalgrip™ metal to metal screws are perfect for fastening metal applications. They are self-drilling and galvanized. These high-quality metal screws have a self-drilling design that makes installation quick and easy. The sharp T4 stitch screw tip can drill metal purlins up to 0.5" thick.

The T4 point is sharp and acts like a drill bit, cutting through metal surfaces efficiently. This design allows screws to create holes as they are screwed in, eliminating the need for pre drilling. The screws will carve out their own path as they twist in. It helps to make the installation process quick and easy, saving time and effort.

Mechanical galvanizing is a method for coating metal parts with zinc. This coating prevents rust and people often use it in harsh conditions or bad weather. Effective in protecting parts from corrosion. Many industries rely on this coating to ensure the longevity of their equipment.

The ivory painted head provides a finish that looks clean and low-profile on metal roofing or buildings. The ivory painted hex head creates an attractive, subtle appearance that blends well with light-colored roofs and siding. The 5/16" hex drive works with standard driver bits for convenient installation. It offers a secure superior grip and strong holding power.

These #12-24 Metalgrip™ self tapping screws are great for fastening metal to metal. They work well for attaching roofing panels, metal decking, steel framing, and metal building components. The self-drilling tip and MetalGrip™ threads ensure a strong, secure hold in metal substrates.

Available Sizes:

  • #12-24 x 7/8" MetalGrip™ Galvanized T4 Self Driller Point Stitch Screw without Washer

Pick our #12-24 Metalgrip™ self-drilling screws for attaching metal to metal without EPDM washers. These high-quality ivory roofing screws are easy to install and resist corrosion. Making them perfect for metal building projects.

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Metalgrip��� Galvanized Self-Driller T4 Point Stitch Screw W/O Washer - Ivory - #12-24 x 7/8"
SKU #1228-018-0002
Metalgrip��� Galvanized Self-Driller T4 Point Stitch Screw W/O Washer - Ivory - #12-24 x 7/8"
SKU #1228-018-0002
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Product Specifications
Drive Style
External Hex
Mechanical Galvanized
Head Size
5/16 inch
Head Style
Hex Head
Carbon Steel
Point Type
Self Driller
Product Type
Roofing Screws
System of Measurement (Unit)
Thread Direction
Right Hand
Thread Pitch (Count)
Thread Type
Tolerance (IFI)
Actual measurements may vary slightly +/- depending on production run within IFI Tolerances
Wrench Size
1/2 inch