What are Tapcon Masonry Screws?


Tapcon Masonry Screws

What are Tapcon Masonry Screws?

Tapcons are a type of masonry anchor used for light-duty fastening to concrete, brick, block, and other masonry materials. They are commonly called Concrete Screws or blue screws because of their appearance and how they function. Like all Masonry Anchors, Tapcon Concrete Screws are installed into a hole drilled into the material. They are available in both Slotted Hex Head and Phillips Flat Head varieties.

Tapcon Screws work by tapping threads into a pre-existing hole with advanced thread-form technology. The threads of the screw cut into the material surrounding the hole, ensuring a solid and snug fit. The diameter of the pilot hole is determined by the diameter of the screw. It is essential that the hole be slightly smaller than the diameter of the screw so that the threads can tap adequately. For 3/16″ diameter Tapcon Screws, a 5/32″ drill bit is used for the hole and for 1/4″ Tapcons a 3/16″ masonry drill bit is used. Tapcon Concrete Screws are removable. However, it is not recommended to reuse the same hole because the cutting threads can compromise or destroy the holding power.

Tapcon Masonry Anchors

Slotted Hex Head

Tapcons are most commonly seen in the Blue Climasealâ„¢ ceramic coating finish. This blue coating is uniquely applied to the alloy steel fastener in multiple stages through dip-spin technology. The coating provides extended protection against corrosion and rust for the fastener, making the concrete anchors suitable for exterior and long-lasting applications.

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