Using Keps K Lock Nuts – Quick Tip

Installing Keps K Lock Nuts

Keps K lock nuts are nuts that have a free spinning serrated washer attached to them. These nuts are made to create tension against the material when installed onto a bolt. It is important to NEVER over torque these nuts. Once you over tighten a lock nut it loses its functionality.

Keps K Lock Washer

The picture below is a hand tightened keps k nut with no added torque. You can see the teeth are pressing lightly against the metal material we have installed the bolt through.

Keps K nut install

Once we have tightened the bolt very lightly you can see the teeth have extended out to create tension against the object. If you over-tighten this type of lock nut you will ultimately flatten out the teeth and when you remove the nut you will see that the teeth no longer perform any function they will just act like a washer.

Installing a Keps K lock nut

Keps K locks are ideal for applications where you might use an external tooth lock washer and nut but the combination is more convenient. You need to carry around fewer parts making installation much faster. They also save you from the fumbling of little lock washers that seem to be designed to fall from your hands and disappear.

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