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Premium USA Made Hidden Deck Fasteners and Accessories

Here at Albany County Fasteners we are proud to announce the launch of our new line: Hidden Deck Fasteners and Accessories by Deckwise. As a Deckwise Authorized Dealer we are able to offer this extensive USA made catalog. Deckwise Fasteners, Tools and Accessories are used to create some of the most beautiful decks we have ever seen which highlight the natural beauty of hardwoods and create a top quality smooth finish.

Ipe Clip Kits

Ipe Clip Kits offer everything you need to get started on a Hidden Deck Fastener System. Black Stainless Steel Ipe Clips with a protective colored polymer coating, as well as all of the additional fasteners required for an Ipe assembly. Ipe clip kits contain Ipe Clips, Trim Head Stainless Steel Deck Screws, Ipe Plugs, Bits and spaces depending upon the kit desired.
Ipe Clips, also known as hidden deck fasteners are used to install the boards of a deck to the main beams. Ipe Clips are used with pre-grooved boards (sometimes called Ipe Wood) as part of a hidden deck fastening system. For boards that are not grooved, slots for these clips can be added quickly with the use of a biscuit joiner or router.
Each Ipe Clip attached a deck board to a joist or beam with the use of a 45 degree deck screw on one side. The clip’s polymer coating is colored, often as well as the screw, to be as inconspicuous as possible and provide a smooth, clean, finished look. The Included Deck Screws can come in either 305 or 316 stainless steel.

Hardwood Plug Kits

Hidden Deck Fasteners don’t always mean Ipe Clips. Deck Builders and Clients each have their preferences, and a deck without visible screws often means countersinking the pilot hole, installing the screw and then plugging the top of the hole. This process is also required when installing an Ipe Clip system for the start and end boards.
This method of finishing is often used to create a smooth clean finish that highlights the natural look of the wood. Matching wood plugs are used to create a sleek and hidden finish, however contrasting wood plugs are also used to create a premium luxury look.
Hardwood Plugs, often called Ipe Plugs, are used as part of a decking system. First, a pilot hole is drilled into the deck board with a 3/8 inch countersink to accept the wood plug at the end of installation. Next, a trim head deck screw is installed into the hole to face screw the board into a joist or beam. A strong adhesive, such as Gorilla Glue, is then applied on top of the installed screw, which is used to hold the finishing wood plug-in place.

Painted Head Deck Screws

Painted Head Bugle Head Deck Screws feature a flat head that has been painted to closely match the color of the wooden or composite decking boards being used in a deck installation. The purpose of the paint is to make the heads of the screws less noticeable, and create a sleek and smooth looking finish. Stainless Steel Deck Screws in this selection feature a notched Type 17 point for easy installation into deck boards and joists, as well as a shoulder with sharp coarse threads to pull the boards closely together and ensure excellent retention with a snug fit. The double countersink flat bugle head has 6 nibs; utilizes a 6 lobe star drive to reduce cam-out and increase torque; and comes as a chipboard thread screw with partial thread and triple spline (one at the beginning on the thread and two at the end of point).


Decking Tools and Accessories

Installing a wooden or composite Deck is no easy task, but these tools and finishes are designed to create a top quality deck by working smarter, not harder. Premium board straightening tools, Power Bits and Drill Bits designed to simplify and streamline the installation process of both boards and fasteners, as well as cleaners and oils to ensure a premium finish and maximize the life of any deck.
Decking Tools and Accessories are designed to work in as many applications as possible, whether the Deck be face mounted with screws or built using a hidden deck fastener system. Many of these items are formulated to be used on a wide variety of decking materials including wood, hardwoods, PVC and composites.

Build a Beautiful Deck with Deckwise Premium Hidden Deck Fasteners & Accessories!


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