Finishing Cup Washers Install

Create A Clean Look With Finish Washers

Finishing cup washers are indented washers used with either oval or flat head screws. These washers are designed to create a flush finish, often seen on furniture.

Installing Finishing Cup Washers

The installation of these washers is very simple. There are two basic types of these washers. The photo on the left shows a standard black oxide cup washer and the photo on the right shows a stainless steel cup washer with a flange around the outside.

finishing cup washers              stainless steel finish cup washers


When installing these washers it is important to only snug them. These washers do not sit perfectly upon the installation material and over-tightening them will begin to distort their shape.

brass cup washers  installing finishing cup washers

The Finished Product

Once installed you can see that finish cup washers create a very clean look around a screw head making it appear to be intentionally exposed, instead of just sticking out.

installed finishing cup washers

Albany County Fasteners carries a variety of these washers in many different materials to help you find the right tool for the job. Check out Finishing Cup Washers page to see our selection of cup washers.

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