Black Oxide Fasteners

Albany County Fasteners is proud to announce our expanding black oxide fasteners line, as well as offering custom black oxide fastener orders. With this announcement, we would also like to share some information with our customers and subscribers about the process, and what exactly makes a black oxide fastener.

On stainless steel (particularly for us in stainless steel fasteners), black oxide fasteners are 18-8 or
Black Oxide Socket Cap Screws

304 grade stainless steel fasteners that have undergone a conversion coating process to alter certain qualities of the material, most notably the color. The chemical treatment process has a greater effect than this coloring however, in that it also adds a mild corrosion and abrasion resistance to the fastener.

The Black oxidation process for stainless steel consists of a series of chemical baths in a mixture of caustic, oxidizing and sulfur salts. Before the part is dipped into a hot bath of a solution of these materials, it is first dipped in an alkaline cleaner, and then water to ensure a surface free of debris. After the piece is treated in this manner, the fastener has porous qualities. This is then finished by infusing the material with oil or wax to add the corrosion and abrasion resistant qualities.
To achieve maximum corrosion and abrasion resistance, the black oxide is infused with wax during the process and complies with military specifications as a Class 4 finish. The enhanced protection, as well as the sleek black finish are why these fasteners are used. Our Stainless Steel Black Oxide Fasteners undergo this chemical process in order to achieve the black oxide properties.
Black Oxide Lock Washers
The benefits of this process are that the fastener becomes more durable, with an insignificant altering of the fastener’s dimensions.


Black Oxide fasteners are used commonly in the jewelry industry, the automotive industry on both cars and motorcycles, as well as in knife builds, firearm builds and in small machines. This process can be applied to any stainless steel fastener available on our website making the possibilities virtually endless.
Black Oxide Machine Screw Nuts

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