Measuring Fasteners: Using a Fastener Gauge

How To Measure FastenersMeasuring Fasteners

Measuring fastener gauges come in many shapes and sizes. We’ve seen paper print outs, rulers and measuring devices before but when we found this one we liked it so much we made it available on our store to give you the same ease of measuring we now use.

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Measuring Diameter

This measuring tool works for both imperial and metric sizing. You can find the size of a bolt or screw by placing it into one of the circular cut outs. These cut outs are very close to the size of the bolt or screw providing a distinct fit for determining a diameter of the fastener.

Measuring Length

Once you have your fastener diameter, the next step is to measure the length. This tool easily allows you to measure fastener length up to 6 inches. Simply place your fastener head at the end of the ruler and measure the length of your fastener.

Note: While many fasteners are measured from the underside of their head to the tip, flat head fasteners are measured from the top to the tip. To facilitate this, this measuring tool comes with an etched area on the other side of the ruler to sit the head in for an accurate reading every time.

Measuring Nuts

This gauge also has cut notches that protrude from the sides which can be used to measure nuts. Simply slide a nut onto one of these notches. It should fit snug on the notch to give you an accurate size.

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