How And When To Use ThreadLocker?




What Is Threadlocker and Why Do I Need It?

threadlocker solution

Threadlocker is a solution used to seal (lock) fastener assemblies together to prevent accidental loosening of fasteners over time. To use threadlocker with fasteners, a small amount of the adhesive should be placed on the threading of a bolt where the nut is going to rest prior to installation. Once dry, the adhesive forms a bond that will hold the fastener assembly in place even when exposed to constant vibrations.

Threadlocker solutions are designed to become solid with little air exposure. This means that even between the threading of the fastener that solution will dry. Threadlocker solution can also protect the fastener and extend its life where covering the metal.

Choosing The Correct Threadlocker

Threadlocker is an excellent tool for creating a strong hold on fasteners but there are factors that need to be taken into consideration before application. Listed below are the things you need to know before buying and applying threadlocker solution to your fasteners:

  1. Hold Strength – Some solutions can create a minor hold while others can create a very strong (and difficult to remove) hold. It is important to know if you will need to remove the fastener again before installing.
  2. Conditions That Effect Performance – The biggest condition that matters to threadlocker solution is temperature. Be sure if you are in a high heat environment you are using a solution that can handle those temperatures.
  3. Vibration – Intense vibrations can result in the loosening of fastener assemblies even with solution on them if they do not have enough hold strength.
  4. Contact With Chemicals – Harsh chemicals may have a degrading effect on the solution. If the threadlocker is going to be exposed to chemicals, make sure to choose a solution rated for those chemicals.

Do I Need Threadlocker?

By far, the best reason to use a threadlocker solution is to prevent the accidental back off of fastener assemblies due to vibration. While not necessary in all applications, solutions can also be used any time a nut and bolt are placed together. We suggest using a threadlocker solution any time an assembly is going to be under strain or vibration that may result in unintended back-off or in situations where the assembly is not going to be checked for long periods of time.

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  1. Thanks for the tip about how I should also consider the chemical resistance of metric fasteners when planning to buy some. I want to find a good supplier soon because I plan on working on some home repairs soon. Having the right materials to use for those will surely be ideal.

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