How To Make Your Own DIY Chess Set

DIY Chess Set With Fasteners

DIY Chess Set Fasteners
DIY Fastener Chess Set Using Nuts, Bolts, and Washers

Our team at Albany County Fasteners likes to have fun at work. To that end, we took it upon ourselves to build a DIY chess set out of the nuts, bolts and screws in our warehouse. We decided on two sets: One “Silver” set of Zinc, Nickel and Stainless and one “Gold” set of Brass and Silicon Bronze. Follow the steps below to build your own DIY Chess Set that will last a lifetime.

Step 1: Select Your Diameter. We used 3/8″ nuts, bolts and washers for this project; a comfortable size in your hand and fits nicely on a board made with squares 1″- 2″.


Step 2: Get your nuts, bolts and washers together. We went “shopping” in our warehouse, you can shop our online store and we’ll do all the hard work for you.


Step 3: Screw together the pieces using our handy DIY Chess Set Guide


The Pawn

DIY Chess Piece - Pawn

This piece is very limited in movement and is normally the first piece sacrificed. Shiny cap nuts resemble the helmets of our soldier pawns, ready to sacrifice their lives for their King and Queen.

Pawn – Zinc and Nickel Plated Steel

Pawn – Grade 8 Zinc and Brass

*Make Eight of Each Pawn


The Rook

DIY Chess Piece Rook

The Rook can move forward, backwards, left or right as many spaces as you want as long as no piece is in its way. Castle nuts are appropriate for the rook, as they resemble the tops of medieval castles.

Rook – Zinc and Stainless Steel

Rook – Silicon Bronze and Brass

*Make 2 of Each Rook

The Knight

DIY Chess Piece Knight

The Knight is much like the Rook except that he can move diagonally in any direction as long as no piece blocks his path. Our nights are constructed with nylon lock nuts, ensuring a strong connection for this noble fighter.

Knight – Zinc

Knight – Silicon Bronze and Brass

*Make Two of Each Knight

The Bishop

DIY Chess Piece Bishop

The Bishop can move in three spaces as long as it results in an L Shape. Coupling nuts, t-nuts and jam nuts give our bishops a sleek, elongated silhouette.

Bishop – Zinc

Bishop – Silicon Bronze and Brass

*Make Two of Each Bishop

The Queen

DIY Chess Pieces - Queen

Considered to be the strongest piece in the game the queen can move as far as she wants in a straight line in whatever direction she chooses. We crowned our queens with a keps-k lock nut and a knurled head thumb nut.

Queen – Zinc and Stainless Steel

Queen – Silicon Bronze and Brass


*Make One of Each Queen

The King

DIY Chess Pieces - King

The king is the piece that must be protected at all costs. When the king no longer has and moves left to make it is called checkmate meaning the game is over. He can move one space in any direction. We also crowned our queens with a keps-k lock nut and a knurled head thumb nut, however the wing nut of the king faces up, demonstrating his strength and position.

King – Zinc

King – Silicon Bronze and Brass

*Make One of Each King

Cost and Tips

Due to the high cost of silicon bronze and brass fasteners, the cost to create a complete Fastener DIY Chess Set with both “silver” and “gold” nuts, bolts and washers is $76.01. We wanted to make a set that anyone can make themselves, and for under $100, this chess set can withstand the test of time, while being sturdy and fun.  It’s a conversation starter and a centerpiece, a great DIY project to keep or to give as a gift.

Tip #1:  If the cost is too steep, simply double up on the zinc, stainless steel and nickel plated set and the cost will drop to less than half at $33.42. Both sets can then be painted (with the correct paint) to achieve an even more custom look.

Tip #2: If the pieces feel a little loose and you want to make sure none of the pieces come apart, we recommend using this Threadlocker Solution to secure the pieces in place permanently.

Tip #3: Have fun with this project! Play with the pieces and change them up if you are feeling creative, there is no wrong way to make this set.

Visit our blog often to read more about our cool creations and fastener fun!

DIY Chess Set - Zinc, Stainless Steel and NickelDIY Chess Set Brass and Silicon Bronze

DIY Chess Set - Fasteners

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