How To Make Your Own DIY Chess Set

DIY Chess Set With Fasteners

DIY Chess Set Fasteners
DIY Fastener Chess Set Using Nuts, Bolts, and Washers




Craft Your Own Conversation Piece

Looking to craft a chess set that sparks conversation? Transform ordinary hardware into an extraordinary DIY project.

Step 1: Grab your nuts, bolts, washers and more. Raid your garage workshop or stock up on supplies.

Step 2: Follow our designs – mix and match materials like zinc, nickel, steel, brass and bronze.

Step 3: Assembly is easy! Just twist pieces together using our step-by-step guide.

Nuts About This DIY

When we first tossed around the idea of crafting chess pieces from hardware store finds, we imagined mocking up a piece or two for some laughs. But once the creative juices started flowing, we just couldn’t bolt (see what we did there?). Before long, our warehouse was abuzz with debates over the perfect washer for a bishop’s brim or which bolt tops conjured the most kingly vibe.

We raided our existing stainless steel, zinc, and nickel supplies for the “silver” pieces. The “gold” side challenged us to get crafty, leading us on a treasure hunt for brass and bronze bits to sparkle up those pieces. Let’s just say there were some, ahem, colorful debates over who got first dibs on the shiniest gold bolts. Hey, no one ever said DIYing had to be pretty!

After plenty of trial and error—we’re still finding rogue washers in corners—we emerged with a complete 32-piece masterpiece ready to be crowned Game Night’s MVP. While no king is safe from our capture, we promise we don’t bite. So give this DIY a go yourself and let the games begin!

Pawns Leading the Charge

DIY Chess Piece - Pawn

Our brave pawn pieces take the front lines, ready to sacrifice themselves for their king and queen. For these soldiers, we recommend standard zinc and nickel coated screws paired with cap nuts to mimic their combat helmets. Top tip: Capture their stoic stances with nuts and bolts measuring around 3⁄8” diameter. Sturdy yet small enough for easy gameplay.

The Pawn – Zinc and Nickel Plated Steel

The Pawn – Grade 8 Zinc and Brass

*Make Eight of Each Pawn

Rooks Rule the Realm

DIY Chess Piece Rook

From patrolling the back row to charging into the action, rooks are crucial for both attack and defense. To re-create the look of a medieval tower, we suggest combining hex screws or bolts with flange nuts, washers, and castle nut tops. Go for diameters around 1⁄2”-3⁄4” to get that bold fortress shape down. Pro tip: Add a touch of grip with serrated flanges to really cement that “don’t mess with my castle” vibe.

Rook – Zinc and Stainless Steel

Rook – Silicon Bronze and Brass

*Make 2 of Each Rook

Knights Who Say Neigh

DIY Chess Piece Knight

True to their eccentric moves on the board, our knight designs required some unconventional combinations. The nylon lock nuts evoke their unpredictable spirit, while wing nuts symbolize their ability to jump over other pieces when needed. For steed-worthy sizes, look for bolt diameters in the 1”-11⁄2” range. But feel free to break the rules with creative part pairings just like the knights do!

Knight – Zinc

Knight – Silicon Bronze and Brass

*Make Two of Each Knight

Bishops Bring Balance

DIY Chess Piece Bishop

To mimic the bishop’s sweeping diagonals on the chessboard, we opted for long, slender pieces. Coupling nuts, t-nuts and threaded inserts stacked together create that signature slim silhouette. For an extra flourish, top them off with a carriage bolt shaft. Aim for smaller diameters around 1⁄4”-1⁄2″ so bishops don’t upstage the royalty.

Bishop – Zinc

Bishop – Silicon Bronze and Brass

*Make Two of Each Bishop

The Noblest Game Pieces

Of course, no chess set would be complete without king and queen pieces worthy of their rank. For our regal couple, we sought substantial sizes ranging from 1⁄2”-3⁄4” diameters to capture their commanding presence. Decorative touches like knurled thumb nuts, wing nuts and lock washers add formal flair. Secure jam nuts threaded down the shaft convey hard-won wisdom from years of gameplay. Topped with eye-catching Keps nuts for crowns, even these rulers know to expect the unexpected!

Queen – Zinc and Stainless Steel

DIY Chess Pieces - Queen

Queen – Silicon Bronze and Brass

*Make One of Each Queen

King – Zinc

King – Silicon Bronze and Brass

*Make One of Each King




Game On!


Part strategy exercise, part artistic outlet, assembling this DIY chess set unleashed our creativity in unexpectedly fun ways. We hope our tips and trials inspire you to craft your own complete set or personalized spin. Show us your handmade pieces on social media using #fastenerchess.

Because not even the finest store-bought chess set can compete with the love and memories treasured in each hand-crafted move. Just be sure to use a Threadlocker Solution on your finished pieces to secure everything in place. When it comes to keeping your masterpieces intact, better safe than sorry!

Visit our blog often to read more about our cool creations and fastener fun!

DIY Chess Set - Zinc, Stainless Steel and NickelDIY Chess Set Brass and Silicon Bronze

DIY Chess Set - Fasteners

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