Stainless Steel Security Socket Set Screws


Stainless Steel Tamper Proof Socket Set Screws

18-8 Stainless Steel Pin-In Set Screws

Socket Set Screws in this selection are driven with a special hex key or allen wrench designed to accommodate the hex drive with a central pin (pin-in). This pin prevents tampering with the fastener after assembly because it cannot be driven by a standard bit or hex key. Socket Set Screws are also referred to as Grub Screws, or simply Set Screws. Stainless Steel Set Screws are used in applications where a flush surface is key. Because they are headless fasteners, this property also adds a level of security to the screw, since it is resistant to gripping devices and anything besides the corresponding bits. 

Socket Set Screws, Grub Screws
Set screws are commonly used in pulleys, tracks, manufacturing, surfboard fins, handles and grips. Tamper proof screws are commonly seen in public areas because removal of the fasteners will be difficult, if not impossible without the correct bit. Because of this, they are commonly found in public restrooms, safes, hotels, campgrounds, jails and food processing areas. Stainless Steel tamper proof screws are ideal because the corrosion and rust resistance of the metal makes these screws suitable for long-lasting applications.

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