Torx Tamper Proof L Keys

Torx Tamper Proof L Keys

Allen Wrenches with a Torx Security Drive

  • Short Arm Allen Keys with a Torx Tamper Proof Drive
  • CNC Machined Drive Tips for precise fit in fastener recess
  • Precision tips reduce risk of stripping and allow for higher torque
  • Made from S2 modified shock resistant steel for professional performance and durability

Torx Tamper Proof L Keys are used to drive Torx Security Screws (also known as Star Drive Security Screws). The six lobed drive style features a hole for the central pin of the screw which deters vandalism or theft after installation.

Drive Size: Length of Short Arm: Length of Long Arm:
T-6 0.50" 1.65"
T-7 0.55" 1.75"
T-8 0.60" 1.85"
T-9 0.65" 2.00"
T-10 0.70" 2.10"
T-15 0.75" 2.20"
T-20 0.80" 2.35"
T-25 0.85" 2.50"
T-27 0.95" 2.75"
T-30 1.05" 3.00"
T-45 1.25" 3.75"
T-50 1.35" 4.25"
T-55 1.50" 4.75"
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Torx Tamper Proof Allen Key