Screw FAQ

What are Set Screws?

Set screws are screws with no head designed to sit flush with an installation surface.

Why are there so many kinds of screws?

Each type of screw is engineered to work in a specific material or application, in addition there are alternative head, drive, and point styles that may be practical or aesthetic. The number of screw possibilities is exponentially endless.

What are screws?

Screws are threaded fasteners that hold themselves in materials once installed. Screws do not require a nut or washer for installation.

What are allen key screws called?

Allen Key Screws are commonly called Socket Cap Screws or Socket Head Screws.

Are screws and bolts the same?

No, screws have a sharp point and hold themselves in the installation material. Bolts require a tapped hole for installation or a nut to hold the bolt to the material. "Screw" and "bolt" are terms often swapped interchangeably in the industry.

Are screws or nails better?

Neither! Screws and nails are both great for different tasks. One or the other will be better depending on the application.

Where can I buy screws?

Our largest selection of screws is on our Wood screw section. Why not start there?

How do I use lag screws?

A lag bolt is installed by drilling a pilot hole into wood and then driving the screw in with a socket or wrench.

How do I use anchor screws?

Anchor screws are used with an expanding anchor that holds the screw in place. Simply place the anchor in the hole and drive the screw into the anchor.

Are screws Recyclable?

Screws can be used repeatedly if the drive recess is undamaged, the threading is undamaged, and a new hole is used.

Are screws considered hardware?

Screws are considered fasteners, but fasteners are often called hardware as well. Many would say that fasteners are used with or in hardware.

Are screws magnetic?

Some screws are and some are not it depends on the material they are made out of.

How are screws measured?

Screws are measured by diameter to thread pitch by length.

Why do screws split wood?

Screws put pressure on wood to increase the holding power of the screw. Always pre-drill a hole before installing a screw to limit or prevent this from occurring.

Why are screws zinc plated?

Zinc plating can act as a protective coating and a sacrificial barrier to protect the steel underneath from rusting.

Why are Torx Screws better?

The Torx drive style is superior because it has 6 points of contact and is resistant to stripping.

What are lag screws?

Lag screws are thicker screws that provide excellent retention in wood.

Why do screws come loose?

Screws have built up pressure when installed, over time this pressure can cause them to loosen along with many other factors including vibration and material expansion or contraction.

Why do screws have different heads?

Different heads are often used for aesthetic purposes. Flat heads sit flush, oval heads, pan heads, hex heads, and other heads sit externally.

Will screws hold in MDF?

Yes, screws will hold in MDF.

Will screws hold in drywall?

Screws will hold in drywall but usually are used with an plastic expansion anchor, or drywall screws have been designed for drywall installation.

Will screws hold in Fiberglass?

Screws will hold in fiberglass but need to be exactly the right size to prevent binding and breaking.

Will screws split wood?

Wood screws may split wood if a pilot hole is not drilled prior to the installation.

Will screws rust?

Screws will rust depending on the material they are made out of and the environment they are in.

Will screws hold in OSB?

Yes, screws will hold in OSB.

Will tapcon screws rust?

Tapcon screws can rust and will much more quickly if their coating is marred or damaged.

Can screws be used with joist hangers?

Screws may be used with joist hangers but it is not recommended. Joist nails should be used.

Can screws go through metal?

Certain screws such as sheet metal screws and self drilling screws can go through metal.

Can screws be hammered?

Screws should not be hammered because they need to be rotated for the threads to grip?

Which screws do not rust?

Under the right circumstances, any screw can rust; the proper material must be chosen based on the environment it is being installed in.

What are the plastic things that come with screws?

They are plastic screw anchors which are installed first and expand when a screw is installed into it.

Which screws should I use for drywall?

Use bugle head drywall screws for excellent retention and to not damage the drywall.

Which screws should I use for brick?

Tapcon screws are ideal for brick and other masonry materials.

What are the ridges on a screw called?

The ridges on a screw are called threading.

Which screws should I use for decking?

Deck Screws, a variation of wood screws, are ideal for decking.

Which screws should I use for wood?

Wood screws and lag screws provide excellent retention in wood and hold boards together firmly.

How to use sheet metal screws?

Sheet metal screws have cutting threads that provide excellent hold in thin metals and wood. Drive them into the material until the head is flush with the surface.

What bit should I use for deck screws?

Different deck screws can have different drive styles and different size deck screws need different drill bit diameters.

What is a cap screw?

A cap screw is a screw driven by an Allen Wrench.

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