What are nuts?

Nuts are used with bolts to tighten the bolt against the installation material.

What fasteners are used with a nut?

Either a bolt or stud can be used with a nut.

How do nuts and bolts work?

A bolt is threaded through a hole and the nut tightens onto the bolt to hold the materials together.

Where are nuts and bolts used?

Nuts and bolts are used anywhere that a temporary joint needs to be made.

What is a flange nut?

A flange nut has a wider portion built in that acts as a washer.

What two measurements determine the size of a nut?

The inside diameter by the thread pitch. EX: ¼”-20

What are lock Nuts?

Lock nuts are nuts with built in mechanisms to resisit backing-off, vibration, and removal.

How do I use a lock nut?

Most lock nuts screw onto a bolt the exact same way as a regular nut.

How do lock nuts work?

Many lock nuts have an added abrasive material that makes them more difficult to remove by adding friction. There are many types of lock nuts, each is engineered to resist backing off in a different way.

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