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Zinc Plating

How strong is zinc plated steel?

Zinc plated steel is available in several grades, including Grade 2, Grade 5 and Grade 8.

How do I cut zinc plated steel?

Zinc plated steel can be cut with any steel cutting saw, however, damaging the outer layer will cause corrosion to occur faster.

Why should I use zinc plated steel?

Zinc plating acts as a sacrificial barrier between the steel underneath and the environment. It will begin to rust first which can extend the life of your assembly. Zinc plated steel is more affordable than stainless steel, silicon bronze, and other semi-precious metals.

What color is zinc plated steel?

Zinc plated steel is often a shiny silver color but may have a blue hue in certain grades. Grade 8 thru hardened zinc plated steel is a golden color with variations of green, yellow and amber.

What is zinc plated steel?

Zinc plated steel is a steel that has been plated with a zinc coating to improve its resistance to corrosion.

Can zinc plated steel rust?

Yes zinc plated steel can rust and is not meant for harsh environments.

Can zinc plated steel be painted?

Yes, just make sure to use a paint that will adhere to the zinc.

Can zinc plated steel be used outside?

Yes but in harsh environments it will begin to rust quickly

Hot Dip Galvanizing

Will galvanized steel rust?

Galvanized steel may rust over time, but is much more corrosion resistant than zinc plating.

Will galvanized steel rust in concrete?

Galvanized steel may rust in concrete, depending upon the environment.

How should I cut galvanized steel?

Galvanized steel is harmful to human health. To cut galvanized steel use a protective ventilation mask and goggles and wash your skin after cutting.

Why is galvanized steel preferred outside?

Galvanized steel is corrosion resistant in harsh environments making it a good choice for exterior use.

Black Oxide

What is black oxide?

Black oxide is a finish that coats different materials to provide a sleek, finished and abrasive coating.

Will black oxide rust?

Black oxide is susceptible to rust if marred and will turn brown in high heat environments.

Will black oxide screws rust?

Black oxide screws are susceptible to rust if marred and will turn brown in high heat environments.

Will black oxide prevent rust?

Black oxide is a coated layer that can delay rust. Most black oxide is also coated in a thin layer of oil as well to extend its life.

Will black oxide stainless steel rust?

Black oxide stainless steel can rust if marred or damaged but it is less likely when correctly applied.

Where can I buy black oxide?

This is a good place to start Black Oxide Fasteners

Why would I use a black oxide coating?

Black oxide coating provides a highly sleek black finish that no material currently provides on its own.

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