Anchors FAQ

What are concrete anchors?

Concrete anchors are typically a rod with a threaded top portion, and a base anchor that expands in masonry materials to provide a strong holding force.

What are concrete anchors used for?

Concrete anchors have many uses including holding down warehouse racking and screwing signs into concrete walls.

How do I insert concrete anchors?

Drill a hole to the appropriate size in concrete and then insert the anchor into the hole. For expansion anchors you will need to use an expansion tool or drive a screw to make them expand in their hole.

How do I use concrete anchors?

Drill a hole and drive the anchor in so it expands in the hole causing it to grip the hole very firmly.

How strong are concrete anchors?

Concrete anchors are very strong but there are many factors that determine their holding strength such as vibration, load weight and age of the concrete just to name a few.

Are concrete anchors removable?

Certain kinds of concrete anchors are removable but many expansion anchors are meant to be permanent.

How do I use plastic sleeve anchors?

Drill a hole and insert the plastic sleeve anchor, then drive the screw into the plastic anchor which will expand when the screw is driven.

Can wedge anchors be removed?

Wedge anchors are typically used in permanent situations and are not easily removed.

Can I use concrete anchors in wood?

Concrete anchors are NOT meant to be used in wood. Use them at your own risk.

How do I remove concrete anchors?

For anchors such as concrete screws it is as simple as loosening the screw, for expansion anchors, they must be cut off.

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