Rivet FAQ

What are POP rivets?

POP Rivets are fasteners used when only one side of the installation material is visible.

Where can I buy rivets?

Right here Rivets

What is a blind rivet?

A blind Rivet is a fastener used when only one side of the installation material is visible.

Will pop rivets leak?

Most rivets are not watertight. For a watertight seal, use a closed end rivet and install properly.

Will aluminum rivets rust?

Any material can corrode in the right circumstances, always choose a material appropriate to the environment you are in.

Can rivets be reused?

No, rivets cannot be reused.

Can rivets be used in wood?

Rivets are not engineered for use with wood, use at your own risk.

Can rivets be removed?

Rivets can be removed, Cover the rivet with blue painters tape so it does not spin and use a drill to drill out the center.

Can rivets rotate?

Rivets typically rotate when they are old and loose, when the rivet diameter is too small, or when installed incorrectly.

What can rivets be used for?

Rivets are used to hold two materials together firmly, or rivets can be used for aesthetic decoration.

Can you tighten rivets?

No, once a rivet is installed it is the tightest it will be.

Can you paint rivets?

Yes, just make sure you use a paint that will stick to the material it is made out of.

What are rivets used for?

Rivets are used for holding two materials together firmly and quickly

Are rivets as strong as welds?

No, rivets are not as strong as welds.

Are rivets fasteners?

Yes, rivets are considered a fastener.

How do I remove rivets?

To remove a rivet, cover it with tape and drill a hole through the rivet roughly the size of the rivet diameter.

How are rivets measured?

Rivets are measured by diameter and grip length. Rivet diameter is the diameter of the hole the rivet is being inserted into. Grip range is the thickness of the material being fastened.

How are rivets installed?

Rivets are installed using a riveter. Rivets are placed in a special tool which pulls the mandrel of a rivet off and expands the other side of the rivet. Riveters can be manual, pneumatic or battery powered.

Why are POP rivets used?

Pop Rivets are often used when the other side of an assembly is inaccessible to the user.

Why use rivets instead of screws?

Rivets are used in permanent assemblies and are typically used to join thinner materials together.

Why are rivets used?

Rivets are used to quickly and efficiently hold two materials together.

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