#12 Pro-Z™ Stitch Hex Washer Cap Roofing Screw with Sharp Point - Unpainted

#12 Pro-Z™ Stitch Hex Washer Cap Roofing Screw

Unpainted Sharp Point Screws with EPDM Bonded Washers

#12 Pro-Z™ Stitch Hex Washer Cap Roofing Screws with Sharp Point - Unpainted, Ideal for Metal to Wood Applications

  • 5/16" Hex Head Long Zinc Aluminum Alloy Cap for superior strength
  • No Red Rust-Zinc Aluminum Alloy withstands the toughest installation conditions
  • Long-lasting EPDM bonded washer creates a tight weather seal
  • Sharp piercing point reduces drilling effort for fast and easy installation
  • Carbon steel construction with zinc plating for excellent durability

The #12 Pro-Z™ stitch hex washer cap roofing screws with sharp point are the ideal choice for metal-to-wood roofing applications. These screws have a strong zinc aluminum cap. The cap is resistant to corrosion ensuring that the screws hold securely for a long time. The zinc coating ensures the screw's cap will never red rust, even in the toughest installation conditions.

The 5/16" hex washer head design allows for easy driving and prevents overdriving. It has a sharp point that can penetrate metal panels quickly. These two components make for a quick and easy installation.

The long-lasting EPDM washer creates a tight weather seal. This prevents leaks and maintains the integrity of your metal roof. This makes the zinc alloy cap bonded washer screw prefect for many different conditions.

Available Sizes:

  • #12 x 3/4"

We have #12 Pro-Z™ stitch hex washer cap metal roofing screws available. These screws have a sharp point and are perfect for your metal roofing projects. These metal roofing stitch screws are unpainted and versatile. They are reliable, resistant to corrosion, and provide a secure hold for attaching metal roof panels to wood.

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Pro-Z™ ZP Stitch Roofing Screw w/ SP - Unpainted - #12-14 x 3/4"
SKU #1182-002-0002
Pro-Z™ ZP Stitch Roofing Screw w/ SP - Unpainted - #12-14 x 3/4"
SKU #1182-002-0002
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Product Specifications
Drive Style
External Hex
Head Size
5/16 inch
Head Style
Hex Head
Carbon Steel
Point Type
Product Type
Roofing Screws
System of Measurement (Unit)
Thread Direction
Right Hand
Thread Type
Tolerance (IFI)
Actual measurements may vary slightly +/- depending on production run within IFI Tolerances
Wrench Size
1/2 inch