Drywall Anchors with Thread Bolts KapToggle - 24 Pieces

KapToggle® Hollow Wall Anchors with Bolts

#10-24 Thread 3/16" Drywall Anchors with Machine Screws

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  • 3/16" (#10-24 Thread) KapToggle® Hollow Wall Anchors - 12 Pieces
  • #10-24 x 3" Phillips/Slotted Combo Truss Head Machine Screws - 12 pieces

KapToggle® Installation Instructions

3/16" KapToggle® Pull-Through Strength:

KapToggle® Size: Material: Tested Pull-Through Load (lbs): Recommended Working Load (lbs):
2" Toggle Length
3/8" Gypsum Board
1/2" Gypsum Board
5/8" Gypsum Board
Masonry Block

#10-24 x 3" Phillips/Slotted Combo Truss Head Machine Screws

  • REACH and RoHS Compliant
  • Screws that can be driven by either a Slotted or Phillips style drive
  • A machine screw is commonly identified by its small size
  • Commonly used with nuts or driven into tapped holes
  • Zinc plated steel slotted Phillips truss head machine screws add a layer of corrosion resistance to plain alloy steel
  • Zinc has a shiny light color and sometimes a blue hue
  • Zinc plated steel is not suitable for extreme environment use

KapToggle® Hollow Wall Anchors

  • Can be used on drywall, sheet rock, gypsum board or masonry block
  • Installs in seconds
  • 3 times stronger than standard wall fasteners
  • 3 Piece Design: Metal Toggle, Serrated Nylon Strap, and Shoulder Washer
  • Washer slides down strap and fits snug to the predrilled hole on the front side of the assembly. After installation, the extra length of the strap snaps off
  • Also referred to as togglers, toggle bolts, snap toggles or zip toggles
  • Nylon and Zinc Plated Steel construction
  • Machined female threads and locking mechanism allows for fixtures to be installed or removed over and over without losing the toggle
  • Patented design eliminates the need for longer bolts, which saves space and money
  • Installation allows for perfect washer - Toggle alignment eliminating mis aligned installations
  • USA Made

Product Specifications