Power Bits Phillips, Slotted, and Square Drive Kit

Phillips, Slotted & Square Drive Power Bit Kit

Complete Size Run of Premium CNC Machined Power Bits

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SKU: 1060-210

  • Phillips Power Bits: #00, #0, #1, #2, #3
  • Square Power Bits: #1, #2, #3
  • Slotted Power Bits:#1-2, #2-3, #3-4, #4-5, #5-6, #6-8, #8-10, #10-12, #12-14
  • Heavy Duty Plastic Interchangeable Compartment Box

Save 25% when buying as a kit versus individual parts.

19 Piece Phillips, Slotted & Square Power Bit Kit Easy Reorder Sheet

This kit features a complete size run of some of the most common driver styles: Phillips, Slotted (Flat), and Square. Be prepared for nearly any job with power bits designed to drive everything from micro fasteners to large screws and bolts. A complete power bit kit is ideal for any shop or renovation project, where you are dealing with a wide variety of fasteners.

All power bits from Albany County Fasteners are made from modified schock resistant S2 steel with precision CNC machined tips for maximum quality and performance. Power bits in this kit are all 1/4" shank and 2" long.

Product Specifications
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