Nylon Hex Jam Nut 316 Stainless Steel

316 Stainless Steel Nylon Jam Nuts

Corrosion Resistant Hex Jam Nuts with a Nylon Insert

A Nylon Insert Hex Jam Nut, sometimes called a Nylon Jam Nut, is a low profile lock nut used for fastening to a bolt when mechanically joining materials together. The nylon material located at the top of the nut prevent loosening from vibration. Nylon Insert Jam Nuts in this selection are made of 316 Stainless Steel suitable for corrosion resistance in harsh environments including those exposed to salt water.

To prevent or stop galling (also known as seizing or locking-up) on stainless steel fasteners, we recommend using an anti-seize thread lubricant from our line of MRO Solutions

Sizes Below Listed As:
Internal Diameter - Thread Pitch

Nut Sizes Flats Height
#4 0.251" 0.125"
#6 0.313" 0.141"
#8 0.345" 0.188"
#10 0.376" 0.188"
#12 0.439" 0.218"
1/4" 0.439" 0.218"
5/16" 0.502" 0.265"
3/8" 0.563" 0.281"
7/16" 0.627" 0.328"
1/2" 0.752" 0.328"
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Product Specifications
Corrosion Resistant
Marine Grade
316 Stainless Steel
Product Type
Nylon Insert Jam Nut
Thread Direction
Right Hand
Tolerance (IFI)
Actual measurements may vary slightly +/- depending on production run within IFI Tolerances
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