Zinc Plated Lag Shield Expansion Anchors

Zinc Plated Lag Shield Expansion Anchors

Expansion Shield Anchors for Lag Screws in Concrete, Brick, and Block Applications

Expansion Shield Anchors for use with Lag screws are designed to anchor into concrete, brick, and block.

  • Consist of pre-assembled two-part expansion shields
  • Expand as lag screw is fastened through the anchor
  • Possess very precise tapered internal threading to permit easy turning of the lag screw
  • Come in short or long length variants
  • Zinc plated to add a layer of corrosion resistant

Thread Diameter: Anchor Length: Drill (Hole) Size: *Pull Out (3000 psi): *Tension Max:
3/8" 1-3/4" (Short) 5/8" 1408 lb. 200 lb.
3/8" 2-1/2" (Long) 5/8" 2420 lb. 400 lb.

*Values are average ultimate values and are offered as a guide only; they are not guaranteed in all applications.

Thread Diameter - Thread Pitch x Length of Anchor

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