Thread Sealing TeflonTape

Teflon Tape | Thread Sealing

Plumbers Tape

Teflon tape is typically used on tapered threads to prevent galling during fastening while also providing a more secure, watertight seal for the application.

  • Lubricates fasteners
  • Allows for a deeper seating of threads to prevent them from seizing
  • Acts as a deform-able filler to create a watertight seal without making it harder to tighten
Typically thread seal tape is used by wrapping it around the threading a few times before fastening. Teflon tape is most effective on tapered threads where the sealing force is a wedge action. Parallel threads may not seal effectively with or without tape. In this case it is better to use a gasket.

Trade Names: Plumbers Tape, Thread Seal Tape

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