304 Stainless Steel Joist Hanger Nails - Ring Shanks

Stainless Steel Joist Hanger Nails

Ring Shank Framing Nails | 304 Stainless Steel

  • High shear strength
  • Resist forces that make materials faces slide against each other
  • Storms, strong winds and hurricanes can cause this type of shear stress
  • Nails are recommended over screws for this purpose
  • Screws lack the necessary strength to resist shear stress
  • 304 Stainless Steel

A Joist hanger nail is used to connect joist hangers to the joists or wood studs they will be supporting. Joist hanger nails are short and heavy gauge nails, providing increased holding power without fully penetrating the wood.

They have a high shear strength to resist forces that make a material's internal faces slide parallel past each other. Storms, hurricanes, and high winds can cause shear stress in materials. For these reasons, nails are recommended over screws for installing connectors to the decking framework as screws lack the needed shear strength to resist shear stress.

304 Stainless steel joist hanger nails should only be used with 304 stainless steel joist hangers and framing connectors to maintain the manufacturer's warranty.

Products are listed as Steel Gauge x Shank Diameter x Length

Joist Hanger Nail Size (Length) Steel Gauge Shank Diameter Head Size Penny Size Approx. Count Per Pound
1-1/2" 9 0.148 5/16" 10d x 1-1/2" 125
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Joist Hanger Barbed Shank Nails 304 SS - 9 x 0.148 x 1-1/2"
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Joist Hanger Barbed Shank Nails 304 SS - 9 x 0.148 x 1-1/2"
SKU #6220-002-0002
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