California Framing Hammer - 21oz.

California Framing Hammer

Hickory Handle 21oz. Framing Hammer

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  • Head material 1055 medium carbon steel
  • Natural hickory handle for shock absorption and lightweight travel
  • Fully Polished, metallic finish
  • Milled face
  • Manufacturer's Lifetime Warranty

Professional quality 21 oz. California framing hammer featuring a milled face, natural hickory handle and fully polished 1055 medium carbon steel head. The head includes a cutaway with an embedded magnet to hold a loose nail for a pre-tap before driving the entirety of the nail.

Framing hammers are commonly used for building wooden house frames. Framing hammers have longer handled than a common hand-held hammer and usually come with a heavier head. This makes driving large nails into lumber faster and easier than it would be with other hammers. Framing hammers normally have some sort of grip formed into the head to help prevent the face of the head from slipping when meeting the nail head. The straight claw on the back of the hammer acts both as a nail remover and a crow bar for pulling apart lumber.


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