SR 500 with SR 584 and Passive Welding Filter

SR 500 with SR 584 and Passive Filter

For General Purpose Welding

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This SR 500 kit includes the SR 500 respirator system and the SR 584 hard hat, visor, welding helmet and passive visor. The SR 500 is a powered air purifying respirator that protects the user from particles, gases and other vapors that can cause respiratory damages. Designed to be lightweight and easy to adjust/maintain, this filtration system can run for up to thirteen hours on one charge of its batteries. This results in a formidable air cleaning system at a versatile size.

The SR 584 comes with a loose fitting hard hat, visor and welding helmet. The visor flips back for when it is not in use and comes with a passive filter. Passive helmets are considered ideal for general welding applications.