SR 500 with SR 584 and 7500VX Filter

SR 500 with SR 584 and 7500VX Filter

With Multi-Functional Filter

Our Price: $2,145.51

SKU: 2090-002-012

This kit comes with the SR 500 respiratory system which can clean air of particles, gases and vapors protecting the user. This lightweight, durable and easy to maintain unit can purify air for hours on a single charge. It also comes with the SR 584 welding hardhat, visor and welding helmet.

Utilizing the 7500VX filter, adjust settings to fit your needs making this setup multi-functional. This kit also comes with a duffle bag for easy storage and transportation.

7500VX Features:

  • Light State 3
  • Dark State 5-14
  • Digital Yes
  • Sensitivity 8 Settings
  • Grind Yes
  • Delay 8 Settings
  • TIG Rating Amps <5
  • No. of Sensors 2
  • Regulation In
  • Viewing Area 9.30"
  • Auto Variable No
  • Memory No
  • i-TIG No
  • Inside Cover Plate 10-IP
  • Outside Cover Plate 09-OP-5
  • Replacement Headgear 10-HG