Zinc Self Drilling Drywall Anchors

Metal Self Drilling Drywall Anchors

Zamak Zinc Anchors for Greater Hold in Drywall with Sheet Metal Screws

  • A Drywall Anchor with a Self Drilling Tip for Fast & Easy Installation
  • Works in Any Thickness of Drywall without Tearing the Paper Coating
  • Used with Sheet Metal Screws to provide better retention in Drywall or Gypsum Board
  • Deep cutting threads around the anchor body and tapered bottom designed to puncture and drill a hole in the drywall
  • Can be backed out of its hole using a #2 Phillips bit
  • Designed for light-weight applications including hanging, pictures, curtain hardware and signs
  • Made from Corrosion Resistant Die Cast Zamak Zinc

Sizes Listed as: For use with Screw Diameter Size x Overall Anchor Length

For Use with Screw Diameter: Collar / Flange Diameter: Anchor Length: Wall Thickness Range:
#8 9/16" 1-11/16" 3/8"-1"

#8 Strength Specifications:

Gypsum Board Thickness: Ultimate Tensile Strength: Ultimate Shear Strength:
3/8" 50 60
1/2" 65 70
5/8" 80 100
3/4" 85 100
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