Rubber Mallet

Rubber Mallet

16oz Rubber Mallet with Natural Hickory Handle

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  • Natural black rubber head
  • Natural hickory handle for shock absorption and lightweight design
  • Designed to reduce vibration and protect the surface being struck
  • Manufacturer's Lifetime Warranty

Wooden mallets are commonly used in carpentry to knock boards or beams together, or to drive dowels, chisels or other tools. Rubber mallets have a very large head which helps spread the pressure of a blow over a wider surface area. The rubber also absorbs some of the shock instead of transferring it all into one specific point. Rubber head mallets are designed to apply force create a flush surface while protecting the material being struck, whether that be the finished material or driving a tool.

Rubber mallets are lighter and cheaper than mallets made of metal. They are most commonly used for striking an object that a normal hammer would leave a mark in. The rubber mallet has many uses but is most commonly used for forcing tight fitting applications together, wood working and evening out dents in metal. Apart from not causing the material as much damage when struck, rubber mallets are also prized for being significantly lighter than metal hammers of the same type.


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