Ratcheting T Handle Tap Wrenches

Ratcheting T Handle Tap Wrenches

For Hand Taps

Ratcheting T-handles are stockier than normal T-handles to account for the mechanism within. They make hand tapping easier and more efficient than traditional T-Handles.

  • Useful in confined spaces
  • Provide extra leverage for hand tapping
  • Can be used with screw extractors, drill and other tools
  • Used with a tap to recreate internal threads
  • Use a collet to firmly grasp the tap
  • Tightens onto tap as the nosecap is screwed into place
  • Adjustable handle
These particular ratcheting T-handles have a switch that can set the ratcheting function of the T-handle to either clockwise or counter-clockwise directions allowing either right hand or left hand installation. Ratcheting T-handles also posses a third option on the switch to disable the ratcheting function entirely.

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