Hex Flange Cone Lock Nuts Non Serrated Plain Steel

Plain Steel Non-Serrated Hex Flange Cone Lock Nuts

Phosphate and Oil Coated for Added Corrosion Resistance

  • Spread the load placed on the nut over a wider surface area
  • Grade G plain steel (Grade 8 equivalent)
  • Phosphate and Oil finish
  • Non-spinning flange eliminates the need for a washer
  • Round Top Hex nut with a wide flange
  • Smooth flange acts as a washer
  • Threads near the top of the nut are intentionally imperfect to add shock and vibration resistance

A Grade G Plain Steel (Grade 8 Equivalent) Non-Serrated Hex Flange Cone Lock Nut is a nut with an integral non-spinning washer attached to the nut near the base to distribute the load of a nut over a wider surface area and a rounded top with imperfect threading to prevent loosening from shock or vibration. This imperfection in the nut's threading is why cone lock nuts are also known as distorted thread locknuts, elliptical offset nuts, or top lock nuts.

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