Norseman CN-Tech Cryogenic Jobber Length Drill Bits - Fractional Sizes

Fractional Size Norseman Cryogenic Drill Bits

Type 190-CN HSS CN-TECH Jobber Length 135° Split Point

  • Type 190-CN High Speed Steel CN-Tech Jobber Length Bits
  • Cryogenic treatment results in longer tool life and makes the bits harder and stronger
  • Three flats ground onto sides of shank to reduce the slippage of the bit when used in drill chucks
  • Precision ground points, flutes, body, clearance and drill diameter for accurate and precise cutting
  • 135 Degree Split Point
  • USA Made

Superior to Cobalt bits, cryogenic treatment drill bits are the latest cutting edge technology! Cryogenic treatment creates a more uniform "grain" structure by transforming retained austenite into martensite. Modified carbon micro-structure through precipitation of carbides makes these bits extremely sharp and resistant to wear. Norseman CN-Tech Drill Bits are cryogenically frozen to -300 degrees fahrenheit for 48 hours, which reduces the brittleness of the drill bits, increasing strength and decreasing the chance of the bit shearing.

Fractional Sizes in this selection range from 1/16" to 1/2" in drill bit diameter.

Printable Drill Bit Sizing Conversion Chart

Proudly Made in the USA

CAUTION: Any cutting tool may break or shatter. Safety glasses and equipment should be used at all times.

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