Metric Machine Screws Stainless Steel Phillips Flat Head - 676 Pieces

Flat Head Metric Machine Screw Assortment Kit

Stainless Steel Metric Phillips Flat Head Machine Screws with Matching Hex Nuts

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SKU: 1060-086

  • 676 Piece
  • A2 Stainless steel Phillips flat head machine screw kit
  • Metric sizes: M2 through M8
  • Screws up to 16mm in length
  • Durable Heavy Plastic Box with Interchangeable Tray
  • Box Dimensions: 11" (length) x 7.25"(width) x 1.75"(depth)

Stainless steel Phillips flat head machine screw kits bring the convenience of having a range of sizes and having the matching nut readily available. All organized into a simple and durable plastic kit. The term machine screw is a commonly used to describe screws of smaller sizes.

676 Piece Metric Stainless Phillips Flat Head Machine Screw Kit Easy Reorder Sheet

Hex Machine Screw Nuts
Phillips Flat Head Machine Screws
M2-0.40 - 100pcs M2-0.40 x 6M - 50pcs
M2-0.40 x 12M - 50pcs
M3-0.50 - 75pcs M3-0.50 x 6M - 50pcs M3-0.50 x 12M - 25pcs
M4-0.70 - 50pcs M4-0.70 x 6M - 25pcs M4-0.70 x 12M - 25pcs
M5-0.80 - 50pcs M5-0.80 x 10M - 25pcs M5-0.80 x 12M - 25pcs
M6-1.00 - 50pcs M6-1.00 x 10M - 25pcs M6-1.00 x 12M - 25pcs
M8-1.25 - 50pcs M8-1.25 x 12M - 25pcs M8-1.25 x 16M - 25pcs

Product Specifications
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