Machine Screw Anchors - Zinc

Machine Screw Anchors

Masonry Anchors for a Quick Setting in Brick, Concrete or Stone

  • Caulking type anchors designed to provide a quick setting in brick, concrete or stone
  • Comprised of a die cast zinc expansion cone with a malleable lead sleeve
  • Properly installed using special Setting Tools
  • Malleability of sleeve allows anchor to fill uneven or irregular spots in the hole
  • Equally distributes load around the anchor - safe for use on brick
  • Anchor remains inside masonry material
  • Fixtures can be removed or replaced without sacrificing holding power
  • Commonly used with Sidewalk Bolts for hurricane shutters
  • Used with machine screws or bolts

A Machine screw anchor features a zinc coned portion at the end of a lead sleeve that is pulled up, expanding the sleeve, as a screw or bolt is tightened into the internal threads of the anchor. The sleeve is malleable, which fills imperfections in the hole as it expands and distributes the load evenly across the anchor. The anchor remains in the material after installation which means that fixtures can be removed or replaced without sacrificing holding power. Machine screw anchors are safe for use in brick, concrete or stone.

Machine Screw Anchors: FF-S-325, Group I, Type 1, Class 1

Size: Drill Diameter: Installation Torque: Minimum Embedment: Performance - 4000psi Concrete: Performance - C90 Hollow Block: Performance - Solid Red Brick:
#10-24 3/8" Max 20 in. lbs. 5/8 Tensile: 1340 lbs.
Shear: 1200 lbs.
Tensile: 740 lbs.
Shear: 1130 lbs.
Tensile: 1050 lbs.
Shear: 1140 lbs.
1/4"-20 1/2" Max 60 in. lbs. 7/8 Tensile: 2340 lbs.
Shear: 1800 lbs.
Tensile: 880 lbs.
Shear: 1340 lbs.
Tensile: 1460 lbs.
Shear: 1580 lbs.
5/16"-18 5/8" Max 7 ft. lbs. 1 Tensile: 3020 lbs.
Shear: 2640 lbs.
Tensile: 1820 lbs.
Shear: 1700 lbs.
Tensile: 1730 lbs.
Shear: 2140 lbs.
3/8"-16 3/4" Max 10 ft. lbs. 1-1/4 Tensile: 4810 lbs.
Shear: 4220 lbs.
Tensile: 2280 lbs.
Shear: 2430 lbs.
Tensile: 2200 lbs.
Shear: 3870 lbs.
1/2"-13 7/8" Max 15 ft. lbs. 1-1/2 Tensile: 5930 lbs.
Shear: 5800 lbs.
Tensile: 2360 lbs.
Shear: 3440 lbs.
Tensile: 3270 lbs.
Shear: 4860 lbs.

Machine screw anchors shall not be removable or show evidence of failure when subjected to tensile and shear test loads as specified in the above table. The suggested safe working load is one-fourth the average test proof loads shown in the above table.

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