Forged Club Hammer - 3 lb

Forged Steel Club Hammer

One Piece Forged Steel 3 lb Club

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  • Forged Single Piece 1055 Medium Carbon Steel Club Hammer
  • Metallic Finished Head with Polished Striking Face
  • Solid Steel Head & Handle Designed to Reduce Vibration and Recoil
  • Comfortable, Shock-Absorbing Double Injection Grip
  • Manufacturer's Lifetime Warranty

Club hammers are essentially small sledge hammers and commonly used in demolition (particularly masonry), and to drive stakes or cold chisels. The three-pound head provides more force with each swing to get the job done, while the hammer's design protects your hand from the vibration from the impact.

Club sledge hammers are often used in masonry demolition. The size and weight of the clubs head make it an ideal tool for delivering a large amount of force with a one handed swing. Due to the large shape of the head it also distributes the force over a larger surface area. Club sledge hammers differ from other varieties of hammers due to their impact. These hammers are more likely to be found driving large stakes into hard ground or during a demolition than for driving nails.


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