Flame Tech VHOR-21CS Heavy Duty Oxygen Regulator

Flame Technologies VHOR-21CS Heavy Duty Oxygen Regulator

Compatible with Victor® Products | UL listed

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  • Delivery Pressure: 5-125 psi
  • Max Cylinder Pressure: 4000 psi
  • Forged brass body & bonnet for maximum strength
  • Safety relief valve for safe operation
  • Sintered metal inlet filter to trap impurities
  • No soldered joints, for easy maintenance
  • Easy to read dual scale gauges with hardy acrylic screw-on lens

Flame Tech Single Stage Cylinder Regulators are made from forged solid brass for maximum strength and durability (without the need to cover them in plastic). They to feature easy to read read scale gauges with hardy acrylic screw-on lens, safety release valves for safe operation, and sintered metal inlet filters to trap impurities. Flame Tech regulators and flow meters are compatible with Victor® gas apparatus products.

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