Flametech V Style Natural Gas/Propane Cutting Tips Kit - 4 Piece

Flame Tech V Style Cutting Tips - All Sizes Bundle

Compatible with Victor® Products | Propane / Natural Gas

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The Flametech V Style Natural Gas/Propane Cutting Tips Kit is a 4 pack of cutting sizes designed to be compatible with Victor® Products. Flametech tips are engineered to OEM specifications for a direct replacement at a better price. Not only that but Flametech will often improve upon the design for a more efficient and longer-lasting product. Get a faster cutting speed and spend less time pre-heating with these tips!

  • Sizes: 0-3 Included
  • 2 Piece Design
  • 100% Flame Tested in the USA
  • Copper Shell machined to last up to 3 times longer
  • Heavy Duty shell takes more abuse
  • Larger diameter internals
  • Better flow of gas
  • Resist clogs
  • Easier to clean

Victor® is a registered trademark of Thermadyne Industries, USA. Albany County Fasteners is not affiliated with Thermadyne Industries, USA. These parts are engineered to be interchangeable with Victor® parts; they are not OEM parts, nor are they endorsed by Victor®.

Cutting Tip Specifications

Tip Size Metal Thickness Drill Size
0 3/4" 60
1 1" 56
2 2" 52
3 3" 48