Flame Tech 6221-F90 Heavy Duty Cutting Torch - Fuel Gas

Flame Tech H Style Heavy Duty Cutting Torch - Fuel Gas

For use with fuel gas | Cuts up to 8 inches | Compatible with Harris® Parts

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  • Compatible with Harris® Seat
  • Gas Type: Fuel Gas Only (Not for Acetylene)
  • Length: 21 inches
  • Angle: 90 degrees
  • Solid Bronze forged head for maximum service with minimum maintenance by resisting distortion from abuse
  • Mixer in head to reduce burn back in tubes - safer than standard tube mixing designs
  • External check valves easily replaced on the job & prevents reverse flow. Flame Tech recommends flash arrestors style GG/DGN
  • Light weight Stainless Steel tubes for maximum design strength — 1/4 lb. per foot lighter

Flame Tech’s 6000 series torches are designed for heavy duty hand held applications for the steel mill, foundry or scrap yard environment where up to 8" cutting is required. These torches have built-in mixers, and as such must be ordered according the gas type to be used. Different gas usage requires a different torch.

CAUTION: Do NOT use this torch without flashback arrestors (sold separately)! Use only Flame Tech branded flashback arrestor cartridges to prevent potential leaks!

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